In November 2018, Century 21 Films were delighted to provide live and post-production services of the debut live concert given by VOID. We produced and directed their live show, live-streamed to a global audience from London.


VOID are an anonymous, ‘faceless' band based in London comprising of two young men who's earlier life experiences had, unfortunately, led to mental health issues for both of them - these included severe anxiety and clinical depression. After meeting and finding themselves united by their shared experiences, they formed the band in 2016. Since when they have both found calm, solace, strength and a steady route to recovery through their music. 

Finding beauty through their own imperfections, and often fragile and delicate in tone, VOID's signature sound combines a lush soundscape with lyrics hugely personal to the band, but to which perhaps, we can all relate sometimes. This is borne out by the band’s growing worldwide community, who actively promote the band, organise social 'meet ups'; and generally share in their enjoyment of the music.

Directors: Andrew T. Smith & Stephen La Rivière

Director of Photography: Boyd Skinner

Vision Mixer: Elliot Pavelin

Live Sound Mix: Nigel Heath

Live Sound Mix Tech: Brad Rees

Production Manager: Susan Buck

© Xacutti Music