In 2017, the Century 21 Films team were called upon to provide filmed inserts for the London debut of a new play based upon Rod Serling's classic science fiction anthology series, The Twilight Zone. The live action and animated sequences that we provided were produced in a late 1950s style familiar to admirers of the original series and played out during performances of the play on a replica vintage television set.

The Twilight Zone premiered to audiences at London's Almeida Theatre in December 2017 and Century 21 Films is set to be involved in its transfer to London’s West End in March 2019. For further information visit


Filmed Sequences Produced by Stephen La Rivière

Filmed Sequences Directed and Edited by Andrew T. Smith

Director of Photography Boyd Skinner

Animation by Elliot Pavelin & Andrew T. Smith

Production Assistant Gèraldine Donaldson

Production Manager: Susan Buck

Rocket models produced by Toby Chamberlain

Stage Show Director Richard Jones

Stage Show Producer Ron Fogelman

Based on stories by Rod Serling, Charles Beaumont and Richard Matheson