Thunderbirds - 50th anniversary specials

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the series we produced three brand new episodes of Thunderbirds using all the classic techniques. The series, produced in association with copyright holders ITV, was based upon three original 1960s voice recordings. Our task was to build sets, puppets, and models matching the originals and to marry them with those adapted voice recordings. The final effect should make the audience feel that they're watching three long-lost episodes. The series premiered at the BFI in August 2016.


Producer, Director, Film Editor, Adaptor: Stephen La Rivière
Artistic Supervision, Director, Film Editor: Justin T. Lee
Director: David Elliott
Associate Producer, Film Editor: Andrew T. Smith
Production Manager: Susan Buck
Director of Photography: David Graham Hicks
Puppetry Supervisor: Lindsay Holung
Art & Model Department: Hilton Fitzsimmons, Richard Gregory, David Tremont
Puppet Creation: Barry Davies
Original Series Special Effects Director: Derek Meddings
Music Composer and Director: Barry Gray
Puppet Operators: Géraldine Donaldson, Mary Turner

Wardrobe: Liz Comstock-Smith
Sculptors: Stephen Mansfield, Judith Shutt
2nd Unit Special Effects Cameraman: Boyd Skinner
Assistant Director, Film Editor: Elliot Pavelin
Sound Editor: Mark Ayres
Pyrotechnics: Malcolm Smith
Set Construction: Toby Chamberlain, Andy Rolfe, David Mason
Model Makers: Keith Fraser, Mamas Pitsillis, Andrew Grimshaw
Puppet Properties: Carl Stirling-Stewart
Lady Penelope’s Wigs: Amy Holt
Unit Photographer: James Fielding
Thunderbirds Creators: Gerry & Sylvia Anderson