Halifax Ad Campaign

Following our success with the 50th anniversary specials of Thunderbirds and Filmed in Supermarionation, we were invited by ITV to assist advertising agency Adam & Eve DDB with their new advertising campaign for the Halifax bank.

The campaign has multiple phases. For the main advert, directed by Dom and Nic, we supplied front of camera services including puppets, models, sets and puppeteers as well technical advice.

A separate series of savings films, presented by Brains, were shot in-house by us.

Set Photography courtesy of Keyline Productions Ltd (www.keyline.tv)



Following the production of the main Thunderbirds advert for the Halifax, for which we provided set building and puppeteering services, we were invited to produce in house a follow-up series of short films with Brains. Additionally, we were involved in the print campaign, which saw the characters and vehicles appear on high streets across Britain. All of this took place at our film studio in Slough.


Agency: Adam & EveDDB
With: ITV Global Entertainment Ltd
Directors: Dom & Nic
Producer:  John Madsen
DOP: Alex Barber
Written by: Jonathan John & David Mackersey
Supermarionation Sequences Produced with Century 21 Films Ltd

For Century 21:
Lead Puppeteer/Technical Advisor: Stephen La Rivière
Puppeteer: Andrew T. Smith
Puppetry Supervision: Géraldine Donaldson
Lip-Sync Operator:  Elliot Pavelin
Sets by: Hilton Fitzsimmons, Richard Gregory, Toby Chamberlain
Puppets by: Barry Davies
Sculptors: Stephen Mansfield & Mary Turner
Costumes by: Liz Comstock-Smith, Carl Strirling-Stewart
Lady Penelope's Mansion: David Tremont


Brains Savers Films:
Agency: Adam & EveDDB
Agency Producers: Joseph Walker, Raluca Anastatiu
Directed and Puppeteered by: Stephen La Rivière
Studio Manager: Andrew T. Smith
DOP / Camera Operators:  David Graham Hicks & Boyd Skinner
Written by: Joanne Oatts
Puppetry Supervision: Geraldine Donaldson
Lip-Sync Operator:  Elliot Pavelin
Art Department: Richard Gregory, Hilton Fitzsimmons, Toby Chamberlain
Puppets: Barry Davies
Costumes:  Carl Strirling-Stewart