For BBC Studios’ Blu-Ray release of Peter Davison’s first season as Doctor Who, Century 21 Films were invited to contribute two documentary films covering the behind the scenes stories of the serials “Four to Doomsday” and “Earthshock” entitled “Days of Wrath” and “Earthshocked” respectively.

Featuring cast and crew interviews, recreated sets, and newly shot 16mm film inserts starring the Cybermen, the documentaries aim to plunge the viewer back in to the environments first brought to life in Doctor Who.

Produced and Directed by Stephen La Rivière & Andrew T. Smith

Director of Photography Boyd Skinner

Editors Elliot Pavelin & Andrew T. Smith

Art Department Hilton Fitzsimmons & Toby Chamberlain

Production Manager Susan Buck

Wrangler Géraldine Donaldson

Dubbing Mixer Aidan McCarthy

Production Assistant Liam Davies

Executive Producer Russell Minton