Century 21 Films Ltd is a production company run by a group of filmmakers who first collaborated on Filmed in Supermarionation, the story of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson's hit puppet shows including Thunderbirds, Stingray and Captain Scarlet.

Following that we embarked upon a project called Thunderbirds 1965 - a series of three new episodes of Thunderbirds made to look as though they had been shot in the '60s. We recently assisted adverting agency Adam & Eve DDB to produce a special Thunderbirds-related advertising campaign for Halifax.

Although our principal work as a team has been related to Supermarionation and Thunderbirds, we also pursue other projects. Our current film is Cartoon Carnival, a documentary history of silent animation.


[Filmed in Supermarionation]’s vibrant storytelling captures the vitality, innocence and sense of joy of the series themselves, especially with the inspired choice to cast Parker and Lady Penelope as the narrators — with technical explanations of filming techniques supplied by Brains, naturally. The narration scenes are genuinely funny — the film opens with Parker wondering existentially where he came from. The whole film is a delight, in fact, thanks to a mixture of cheeky reminiscences and craftily chosen clips.  [Rich Trenhome, CNET NEWS]